Engaging the God Mission.

It’s about people because people last forever.

Imagine a church that wasn’t built around people’s likes and dislikes but instead was unapologetic, passionate, and relentless in pursuing the lost.

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The world we live in can feel harsh. Our lives have a history of hurts, rejections and dreams that never came true. Relationships wound us. Work drains us. Our marriage is filled with unmet expectations. Family life is more about survival than life giving. We notice what ‘they’ have and what we don’t have. Here we are today. Today, we are just muscling through life. We can be so frustrated and lost in our emotions. Jealous. Discontent. Angry. Our emotions come out in what we post on line and what we say to friends. Then you hear about being grateful. Grateful for what?

What to Expect Sunday Mornings

DSC_05701 Service at 9:00am on Sunday mornings.  This service will have Children’s Ministries.

WE ARE A “RELIGION-FREE ZONE.” So come on out, the only thing we will ask of you is for you to just be yourself!  We are a bunch of ordinary, imperfect people engaging this thing we call life                                                                  together.

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Discover “The Journey,” our adult ministry to help us all grow in our relationship with Jesus.

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Two Things You Need to Be Grateful

Do you live in a grateful world? Do you go to work with grateful people? You go to work, the boss changes a policy, headquarters change systems and everyone is just grateful they have a job. That’s what happens right? Do you go to school with grateful friends? You go to school, you have to take tests and do homework and everyone at school is just grateful they are getting an education – right? Are you married to . . . Read More »

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Mountain Ridge Church
The WareHouse
32 Big Dam Road
Dillsburg, PA 17019

Service Times: Sundays at 9am

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